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PostSubject: Site Storyline   Site Storyline EmptyWed Mar 04, 2009 12:24 pm

Time up til the previous era. (it is 55 years ahead of us, or behind whichever you wish to say. Just add 55 years to the timeline and you would get our year equivelent.)


The date is A.T.B 2017. The Britanian empire controls 70% of the world. Its rapid expansion has led to rebel groups popping up throughout the world. The citizens of Japan, now known as Area 11, are the most known often to rebel and get thuslly massacred by the knights of Holy Britania Empire. The E.U and C.F fund these rebels in hopes that they will cripple the far to powerful H.B.E.

C.C (Read C2) the witch and giver of Geass aswell as former head of the Geass directorate has recently resurfaced from hiding for an unkown period of time. Her reappearance herelds the giving of a most powerful weapon to Lelouch Vi Britannia. He was given a geass by C.C allowing him to get his revenge on Britannia. This was 6 months ago and in the events that have happened since nothing but a very small milestone.

Cornelia and Euphemia Li Britannia are now the Viceroy and Sub-Viceroy of Area 11. This comes at the tragic loss of Clovis Britania. Killed in the first act of a Radical Terrorist sect led By "zero". The sect Known as "The Black Knights" has killed many heads of Britania in hopes of protecting the weak and enacting justice. The Group is funded by the Chinese Federation.. They use this to create and use Nineth Generation Mecha.

Recently in the invasion of the E.U led by High Prince Schneizel a sakuradite mine was captured from the E.U. This led to even faster mining of the precious material of Sakuradite. This fueled a quick advance in technology and now Ninth Generation Knightmares are common to see in ace pilots of the Britanian empire. This has led to an even greater and rabid expansion of the H.B.E. Ace pilots making their names known daily.

C.C hasn't let this go by. Her and Zero have countered most of their current moves effectively bringing their focus to Area 11. With this Euphemia was pressured into picking a knight by her elder sister and brother. Much to the dismay and chagrin of Cornelia she picked an Honorary Britanian and original eleven Suzaku Kururugi. Her eldest brother is the one that proved it and overruled the vote of Cornelia. Schneizel believed that Suzaku could be used and consequently funded the Lancelot project. It turned out to be a very good maneauver as the 7th generation quickly led to an 8th and 9th generation thanks to the Lancelots quick success.

Suzaku being knighted has brought attention to his school Ashford Academy. This brought about a surprising revelation for Britannia. C.C Had been sited at the academy multiple times. In an attempt to capture her The empreror altered the memories of the students to say that his son and exciled prince Lelouch had another sibling, Rolo Lamperouge. Nunnally, Lelouch, and C.C are the only people in the entirety of the world that are not part of the Geass directorate that know of this subterfuge. Using this to his advantage Lelouch has conned Rolo into acting as a double agent in the Geass Directorate in effect working for Zero/Lelouch.

Villetta Nu having recovered from a gun shot wound given to her by Shirley in hopes of protecting Lelouch had temporarily lost her memory. Having recovering her memory recently she was placed as head of a Geass directorate operation In japan. Its base of operations underneath the faculty building of Ashford Academy she leads the secret operation "Find C.C". Using Rolo as her number one field agent. She has multiple other agents hiding out as well hoping to find C.C No matter what she has to do. She now holds the undercover identity and job of Gym teacher for Ashford academy. Though this is mostly taken up by her chasing Lelouch, Rolo and Suzaku around to ensure that they do not skip Gym class. Despite it being an undercover job she holds it in high regards like all Britanians do on missions and the Geass directorates Secret operation might be farther if not for this.

With the current affairs in such a state new players are joining every day it seems. Ace pilots going to Britannia and to The black knights. Both sides holding multiple 7th gen knightmares and even the tiny amount of 9th gen on the side of the Black knights. There seems to even be another Witch or Warlock out there handing out Geass as multiple new geass users have shown up and C.C has denied being the one responsible for them. With the geass directorate in search and lining out new geass users by injecting them with cells of V.V and C.C it is hard to tell who has a real or "Fake" geass anymore. This has not gone by from the public though as rumors abound through out Britannia of the atrocities it commits to create perfect soldiers. Genetic manipulation and injection of mystery cells. Much to the horror of the common man Britannia does not deny or agknowledge such things. Basicly proving that they do it. This has led to an influx of rebels against Britannia in all countries including a powerful Anti-Britannia desert sect.

The date is still atb 2017 near the end of the year. 2018 comes in just a few months and with it new players arrive in hopes of making a name for themselves in the coming months and year. The black knights are rumored to have a large scale anti Britannia operation planned. With the loss of Clovis 6 months ago still in the minds of Cornelia she takes control of Britannia's military in Area 11 in hopes of Squashing Zero once and for all. But many wonder if it is possible for her to do it. Zero grows in power daily gaining troups and Knightmares just as often. In a world with so many new advances in technology and so many new players coming daily. The future of The world and Britannia is unknown. If things progress the way they are progressing though it is speculated that the world will destroy itself in chaos. The true motives of Zero still lie in the unknown and all of Britannia cowers in fear of what they think will happen.

This is the story of the site, you are a player in this world. You will help shape and bend the future. The way it is bent depends on what side you join and what you do as a player. Will you shape the world to a blossoming paradise. Or will you let it crash and burn and stand over the smoldering ashes of Britannia and Japan?

Death is not the end
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